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Add next-generation insurance into your products & services to effortlessly create a new revenue stream.

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Offer the ultimate insurance experience

  • Tech & White LabelIntegrate embedded insurance seamlessly into your products and services, enhancing customer satisfaction and unlocking new revenue streams.
  • Property & Real Estate Discover the ease include home insurance in the rent with a flexibility in the product. No more paperwork, no more hassle - Just move in.
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What you can achieve

Unlock the potential of embedded insurance to help you deliver a digital solution that attract and engage your customers while simplifying operations.

Attract new customers

Tailor insurance offerings to suit your products with our customizable integration options - for a unique user experience.

Engagement and loyalty

Enhance user experience by integrating insurance seamlessly into your product, creating a personalized and smooth user journey.


Reduce operational costs with our comprehensive embedded insurance solutions to pass savings on to customers.
"We help you create a powerful brand and build stronger relationships with your customers. Together we create a recurring revenue stream."
CEOSimon Cederholm @ Gofido


One platform with endless opportunities

We create uninterrupted integration as our insurances synchronize flawlessly with your purchase journey.

  • Plug-and-play TechnologyIntegrate insurance offerings into your service trough our easy-to-use API that adapts to your needs.
  • Tailored plansCreate customized plans to provide personalized embedded insurance solutions directly within your product environment.
  • Real-TimeGet instant protection without delay or hassle with real-time coverage activation at your point of purchase.
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Boost operational efficiency and gain customer engagement

Get immediate insurance coverage at the point of sale, with no extra steps—just click and you're covered.


Our embedded solutions analyze risks to customize coverage with advanced algorithms.


Let your brand to shine with our customization options and distribution partner styling.


Digital technology enhances claims handling by providing around-the-clock service with quicker resolution time.

Get started with Gofido.Tech

Interested joining the revolution and transforming your processes with embedded insurance? Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.

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